Derive Systems – Helping to Prevent Distracted Driving

Tech Report

You know us, always looking for the latest technology that will excite you. What’s even better for this next product is that it’s not only cool, but it also promotes safety. We’re all about it.

As a matter of fact, while we were at CES, we sat down with CEO of Derive Systems, David Thawley to speak with him in depth about their latest product, DeriveVQ.

Derive Systems is basically shaking things up with the newly released DeriveVQ, a safe driving product that significantly mitigates distracted driving.

DeriveVQ essentially prevents the vehicle from starting unless the driver’s phone is disabled, and the seatbelt is fastened. This is powered by an integrated technology platform that delivers intelligent, dynamic improvements to your vehicle through hardware, software, connectivity and third-party technologies.

Their goal? Is to give greater control to every driver through customized, automatically responsive settings. For teen drivers, families, commuters, and more. And with distracted driving claiming nine lives every day, it’s probably time that there’s a product to fully prevent these casualties.

If you want to learn how you or your loved ones can have a safer driving experience, head to today.


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