Circle – Connecting Your Entire Family’s Devices with a Single App


With all the latest technology and an abundance of social media platforms it can be hard to fully manage and oversee what your children are looking at. Well Newswatch has found a hot new technology that does just that. Circle is an amazing wireless device that controls the internet and how your children use it. With the device along with the iOS and Android app you can monitor what your children are looking at on the web, set internet bedtimes and even pause the internet so they no longer have access to any further use.

Circle has some really neat features where you can track and see which site and apps your kids are specifically using and how much time they’ve spent on each platform. I don’t know about you but this is definitely a device I need in the home, especially when my kids need to get their homework done or just simply get to sleep. Instead of having the whole family on Instagram and Facebook during dinner time, pause the internet with Circle and allow for a quality meal with good conversation and laughter.

You can purchase Circle for only $99 by heading to today or on Amazon or Best Buy.


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