FOREO – Turning a 20-Minute Facial Treatment into a 90-Second Treat

Consumer Update

Have you ever used a sheet mask before? Chances are you have, but if you’re someone who’s on the more restless side, sitting under a cold mask doesn’t sound super appealing.

Fortunately, FOREO, shortened from the phrase, ‘for everyone,’ has created a solution to this problem with their latest product (debuted) at CES 2018, the UFO.

Essentially, the UFO is an invention of beauty technology that redefines face masks everywhere. And while facial masks are a popular beauty trend, is laying under a cold wet sheet for 20 minutes the best we can do?

Millions of women use facial masks daily to leave their skin softer, smoother and more radiant, but the UFO is the world’s most advanced smart mask. This is basically putting you on the fast track to flawless-looking skin and turning a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second treat.

The UFO combines beauty and technology to ensure that you get the most out of every mask, with even better facial coverage and deeper penetration of mask essence.

The UFO features Hyper-Infusion Technology (heating plus cooling plus T-Sonic pulsations) & LED light therapy. The UFO offers a professional-level treatment in the comfort of your own home.

With this new little beauty regimen, you can expect superior results in just seconds.

So, if you’re ready to throw away the old method and start with the new, head over to to purchase your UFO today.


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