Pelematic Orange Peeler – Peel Any Spherical, Oval – Shaped Fruit, or Vegetables

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Pelematic appliances are an increasingly popular line of fruit and nut peelers designed to peel oranges, green beans, walnuts, and olives. But until now, they’ve only been available in Europe and Australia.

It’s also been announced that U.S.A. Unlimited is now the only licensed distributor of Pelematic appliances in the U.S. and Canada. This includes all automatic vegetable, fruit and nut peelers, and shellers. Each of their appliances are created from high-quality materials designed to last for years.

The premier product is the Orange Peeler Professional.

All that’s needed to be done is to simply push the button of the Orange Peeler and it immediately starts getting to work peeling your orange, or any spherical, or oval-shaped fruit, or vegetables such as potatoes, onions, and even tomatoes.

The process is as simple as placing the orange between the arms and pressing the button. You can also adjust the thickness of the cutting blade depending on what you’re peeling.

The robust peelers comes in either white or black depending on your kitchen decor.

U.S.A. Unlimited has an industrial line of fruit and vegetables peelers available on their website.

If you’re interested in automatic peeling, purchase your Pelematic appliance by heading to today!


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