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When it comes to social media, it’s usually no question that we can sometimes lose sight of the personal touch involved in a letter or a postcard.

But lucky for you, the good people over at pennypost have created an easy way to turn your digital photos into physical postcards that you can send to family and friends around the world.

Essentially, pennypost is a progressive web app that helps you collect addresses and send postcards.

How it works? It’s simple!

  1. Use your photos from Instagram, Facebook, your computer & phone
  2. Add friends and family as contacts and write them a message
  3. Send 1 or 100 postcards at the same time anywhere in the world

Simply open it on your computer or phone – no apps needed! Then select photos you want to include on your postcard. You can choose up to 6 photos from Facebook, Instagram, or directly from your phone or computer.

Once you figure out which photos you’ll be using, you’ll add which of your family members’ and friends’ addresses will go on the postcard.

Whether you’re sending them love from abroad on a romantic adventure in Paris or keeping your family posted on how old the kids are getting, you can send postcards with pennypost faster and easier than ever.

In addition to staying connected, pennypost helps you to collect your addresses. And if you’re into giving back, each postcard sent through the app helps to fund life-changing surgeries for patients around the world.

Want to start using pennypost today? Head over to on any device and get to sendin.’


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