Workbox 3.0 – Maximizing Your Arts and Crafts Space

Consumer Update

If you love to get creative or have a passion for creativity whether it’s a hobby or a profession then Workbox 3.0 will be right up your alley.

The Workbox 3.0 by The Original ScrapBox is a single cabinet designed to store all of your crafts in one hideaway spot.

And if you’ve worked with crafts, you know just how messy they can get. Think of all the materials such as beads, tape, glue, paper, scissors, ribbon, etc.

The WorkBox 3.0 opens as a trifold cabinet with a work desk for storage but also as a workstation.

With multiple shelves, drawers, and clear totes, it offers ample stow-away space without the need for multiple Tupperware bins strewn throughout the house. Each order is also custom crafted to specifications.

And if you’re interested in equipping your WorkBox 3.0 with even more stow-aways, you can order any of their accessories:

  • 1″ Clear Totes
  • 1″ Supply Stackable
  • Clear Tote Upgrade Kit
  • Crown with Light
  • Door Upgrade Kit
  • Notions Tray Inserts
  • White Magnetic Board
  • WorkBox Upgrade Kit
  • Security Kit
  • Spool Holder

You can select between seven different variations like Chocolate Knotty Alder, White Raised Panel, and White Beadboard.

And because WorkBox 3.0 takes pride in its convenience, this storage space solution rests on wheels so you can maneuver it easily around the house.

If you want to get started on organizing your arts and crafts space while maximizing storage space, head to to purchase the WorkBox 3.0 today.


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