Smart Cube Smart Lock – Wireless Locking System

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When we think of IoT devices, we usually think of adding technology to “things” that we already have in the home and making them “smart.”

Well speaking of this smart home technology, a company called Smart Armor wanted to take it to the next level by creating a totally unique category in the connected home market space. They came up with Smart Cube Smart Lock.

Smart Cube is a Bluetooth enabled, retrofittable wireless locking system that easily mounts to any flat surface, making your cabinet, door or drawer secure. But with even further simplicity, Smart Cube locks easier than any other lock you’re used to.

In fact, Smart Cube Smart Lock provides the following:

  • Key share & revoke – share access to lock and unlock with the world’s first in-home Bluetooth locking system
  • Tamper Alerts – an alert system that will send a push notification to your device if anyone tries to access your valuables
  • Proximity Lock/Unlock – a locking system that’s activated by entering an encrypted biometric data input or an alphanumeric sequence input into a paired smart device

In addition, you can have an intimate and secure partnership with Alexa. Implement voice control in your Smart Cube devices so you know you’re always in control with secure voice authentication.

And if you want to open a locked drawer, the Smart Cube will sense you’re close and automatically unlock, then relock when you leave. There’s also an app that works with the device, so you’re able to access the lock by pin code and share or revoke access to specific people, at certain times for particular locks.

For example, if you want your teenage son to access the cleaning supplies, but not the liquor cabinet, you can do exactly that. So, whether you’re a parent, have roommates, have co-workers, or renting a place out to others, Smart Cube is a perfect solution for securing your valuables.

Smart Cube is essentially limitless when it comes to the possibilities of securing valuable items. Think Airbnb rentals, medications, personal valuables, business documents, and so much more.

So, if you’re interested in feeling reassurance in knowing your valuables are safe and secure, head to to order yours today.


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