Catchafire – Volunteer Your Professional Skills for Nonprofits

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Do you have critical skills that you’d love to volunteer? Ever wanted to get more out of your talents other than just profit? Or are you a nonprofit making a difference in the world but just can’t find or afford the expert help you need?

Catchafire may be able to assist. It’s a platform dedicated to matching professionals who want to volunteer their time and skills with nonprofits and social enterprises in need of aid.

Catchafire’s goal is to transform the nature and impact of offering nonprofits access to great talent in efforts to support their strategic and operational needs.

Catchafire’s website matches professionals and organizations based on a multitude of characteristics including skills, cause interests, and time availability.

Volunteers are able to donate as little as an hour of their time on a phone consultation or as much as several weeks or months on a larger project.

Nonprofits can also anticipate further support in areas such as marketing, strategic planning, tech guidance, website assistance or even leadership training.

It works by nonprofits browsing Catchafire’s menu of pre-structured projects and customizes one that fits their needs.

In addition, they review applications, interview potential volunteers and ultimately match with talented professionals who can execute on their vision. And of course, the idea sounds simple – and it is, but the impact is so much greater.

Some of Catchafire’s completed projects include:

  • Logo design & visual brand identity
  • Mission, vision & values
  • Human resources
  • Marketing strategy
  • Salesforce database customization
  • Website construction

Through these project matches, Catchafire is searching to create a more empathetic and connected society.

If you want to find out more information on Catchafire, visit


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