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Consumer Update

We’re pretty much all familiar with the term, “selfie” right? Chances are if you have a smartphone, you’ve probably snagged at least one selfie at some point in your life. And either they go up on social media to be shown to the world or….they simply just sit in your phone’s photo album.

But then we ask ourselves: what can we do more with our selfies? Well, a company called selffee has come up with a pretty cool and tasty idea.

This company allows you to connect with technology in a whole new way. There are two ways you can selfie with selffee. First, you can go to their website and upload photos and they’ll use their exclusive technology to print up to six of your personal photos on cookies.

And yes, the cookies are 100% edible and most importantly, taste great. If you want even another way to selfie, it’ll be with an edible photobooth that can come to your next event. It works like any other photobooth where you smile and pose in front of a backdrop. Once that part is done, it’s a totally different experience.

Right in front of you, they’ll begin making your edible selffee treat with your perfect picture printed right on to it. You can either have your face on a cookie, ice coffee, or a marshmellow – Ah yes, the tasty possibilities.

And though at NewsWatch we’re all fans of the cookie, all treats selffee puts your face on are delicious.

So if you’re interested in getting your selfie on a treat or livening up your next event, head on over to today.


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