ChalkTalk – Giving Students and Teachers Tools They Need for One-on-One Education

Consumer Update

Did you know that for students who receive one-on-one mentorship, do two standard deviations better than those who just learn in large conventional lectures?

This makes sense as parents can’t afford to get private tutoring for every subject for each grade level for their child. With two standard deviations means you can go from being a “C” student to being an “A” student.

Introducing ChalkTalk, a unique platform for curriculum design and adaptive assessment that improves curricular outcomes while improving test scores.

Clearly, there cannot be one human teach for every subject for every student, but Chalk Talk can and has created a triple adaptive program that doesn’t compete with a teacher, but rather serves them. It provides them with all materials and serves students with all the materials needed to create that experience of a one-on-one tutoring session.

What’s wonderful about ChalkTalk is that not only do the teachers teach the students, but the program does itself.

ChalkTalk is essentially a one-stop shop where teachers are able to leverage the technology that’s there. In addition, it teaches students important math skills and ELA skills that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Several students like the teachers help because ChalkTalk has an element of being very teacher oriented. The curriculum intertwines with, not only the SAT but with the MCATS and could potentially with AcuPlacer.

Two schools using the same curriculum serving the same student demographics have exceptionally different learning outcomes. Schools that are succeeding and schools that are failing is the exact problem that ChalkTalk is aiming to fix.

If you’re interested in finding out more about ChalkTalk, head to today.


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