StoveShelf – Make The Most Out of Your Kitchen Space

Consumer Update

Do you have a stove at home? If so, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve got a few inches of space between your stove and the wall behind it. Ever think instead of dropping things in the crack that you could use that extra space for storing cooking essentials?

Well, StoveShelf has got this concept covered, literally.

This is an easy-to-apply product that eliminates a waste of space while adding functional storage space to your kitchen.

The bottom of StoveShelf contains high-quality, rare-earth magnets that allow for simple installation. All you have to do is set it in place and start using it.

Did we also mention that you can get these in three different colors? Stainless steel, black, and white. And whether your stove is flat or slightly curved, StoveShelf will fit. The magnets are positioned with curved stoves in mind. And even if there is a slight gap on either end due to the curved nature of your stove, StoveShelf hold with great force.

In addition, StoveShelf makes it a cinch to clean-up any kitchen spill or splatter because of the high-quality stainless steel and black and white powder coated finishes. So whatever the mess may be, StoveShelf has you covered.

It comes in three finished to perfectly complement your kitchen – stainless steel, white and black. Purchase your StoveShelf today at  Also available on Amazon, eBay or Etsy.


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