Points and Pints – Relive the Greatest Sports Moments While Watching Sports

Consumer Update

Alright sports fans, listen up. It’s pretty much a general consensus that sitting down and watching your favorite team play is something you enjoy, right?

And when you think about it, how often do you relive a game-winning Superbowl drive or the best play your team ever made? If you’re like a lot of us, the answer is probably, “way too often.”

Well, if you’re yearning to relive a memorable sports moment, Points and Pints can certainly help you out.

Points and Pints create laser etched slate coasters that don historical facts, stats, and plays of your favorite team.

Certain games you can relive could be the shoe-catch by Julian Edelman in Superbowl 51 or the Bronco’s first Superbowl win over Greenbay? Or even this past Superbowl’s Eagles victory over the previous year Superbowl champions, The Patriots.

Points and Pints makes these moments etched in your mind and literally etched on your beverage’s coaster. And if you’re also like several sports fans, you can enjoy rubbing in those prior plays and wins whenever friends come over.

Points and Pints has coasters for over 500 teams across Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, College Basketball, and College Football.

The coasters all have felt bottoms so you won’t scratch up your tables while you set them down. Each set also comes with four coasters and game reports, so you know exactly what plays you’re looking at.

If you’re interested in sprucing up your coasters with sports facts, head to pointsandpints.com today.


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