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If you’re trying to coordinate all the details associated with team projects without the convenience of a project management tool, then you’re most likely pulling your hair out.

Well, don’t worry because Avaza is here to the rescue.

With an implemented all-in-one approach to project management, Avaza is a cloud management software with fewer limitations.

Avaza’s software is available on all your team’s devices and covers just about everything a business might need to get organized.

Features of Avaza can be noted as the following:

  • Project management – instantly toggle between Kanban, Gantt, and List views of tasks, visualize, filter & group tasks both within & across projects, and convert emails into tasks.
  • Resource scheduling – view team availability, easily manage resources allocated to each project, schedule and edit assignments with simple drag & drop, and add user leave and public holidays for accurate forecasting.
  • Time and expense tracking – one-click time tracking from every screen, track time directly on tasks, and optional timesheet approval workflows
  • Quoting and invoicing – convert estimates into invoices, customize invoice branding & format, save time with recurring invoices, and get paid faster online
  • Streamline your expenses – digitize your receipts, expense approvals, recurring expenses
  • Powerful reporting – gain real-time insight into business performance, understand project progress and profitability, learn about your team’s time and expenses, and drill into uninvoiced time, expenses and fixed amounts.
  • Integrations – integrate with over 500 popular apps for an even more powerful user experience.

And there’s no need to sign up for different services each time you need to handle those essential functions.

You can also send quotes to clients, and upon approval, convert these into projects. Schedule your team members across internal and client projects based on their availability and see live updates as tasks are discussed and updated.

Your team can track time on tasks and see a visual comparison of estimated vs actual time spent.

With powerful reports by Avaza, it allows you and your team to keep an eye on project budgets and profitability so you can make smarter decisions.

To start using Avaza today, head over to avaza.com.


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