Thinktiv – Helping to Transform Up and Coming Companies Nationwide

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Did you ever wonder where innovation comes from? Such as how new companies just spring to life? Or, how exactly do mature brands stay relevant?

Enter Thinktiv, a company located in Austin, Texas that was founded 12 years ago.

Thinktiv works to invent and transform companies worldwide. They develop turnkey solutions for people who are inclined to take their business to the next level and are in need of the right guidance to do so. This could mean anything from inventing a new product, revitalizing their brand, or transforming an entire organization’s culture.

Thinktiv’s team, ranging from former executives to data scientists, cultural anthropologists to design strategists and technologists, work directly with leadership teams to bring innovation to market in challenging environments.

In addition, Thinktiv has partnered with hundreds of businesses in various industries, from healthcare pioneers to financial sector disruptors. Often times, they’ll invest in the same companies they work with, aligning their financial incentives to the company’s performance.

So, whether you’re an early stage founder or CEO looking for what’s next, Thinktiv can assist in helping you build something great.

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