Creation Crate – Learn Electronics with A Simple Monthly Subscription

Consumer Update

More and more, day after day, we rely on technology. In fact, many of the jobs of the future will require high tech skills. The backbone of technology? Electrical engineering and programming.

If you’re one of the people wondering how to get started learning these skills or teaching them to your children, check out Creation Crate.

This bad boy is a subscription-based platform that sends you or your children monthly hands-on learning projects to help develop your programming and engineering skills. Each box contains everything you need to get started, in fact, you can even use provided Facebook tokens to access online content and video tutorials.

In the oncoming months you can expect:

  • Month 1: Mood lamp
  • Month 2: Memory game
  • Month 3: Distance detector
  • Month 4: LED dice game
  • Month 5: Optical theremin
  • Month 6: 2-player reflex game

You’ll continue to progress through 12 fun projects over 12 months, ranging from creating a weather station in Month 7 to test your strength for the upcoming challenge that awaits you on Month 12.

Each project is more difficult than the last so you can progress your skill level. THere’s also Creation Crate classroom kits for schools, libraries, and makerspaces.

The kits are encouraged for middle school to adult and are plug & play, so any teacher regardless of their area of expertise can learn and teach these projects with their students.

So, if you’re interested in getting started with Creation Crate and fine-tuning your technical skills, subscribe today by heading over to


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