Alarmy Pro – World’s Most Annoying Alarm


Rise and shine! And for real, Alarmy Pro means it. If you’re having trouble waking up in the morning, Alarmy Pro will make sure there’s an easy fix.

Alarmy is in fact dubbed “the world’s most annoying alarm.” This pull-out-all-stops alarm uses every trick in the book to make sure you’re up and ready to start the day.

The first thing it does is go off no matter what the settings are on your phone. Even if your phone is on silent, no worries, it’ll still sound off until you just can’t take it anymore.

Alarmy Pro offers a series of unique and exciting dismiss modes as well. Instead of just hitting a “snooze” button, you’ll have to complete a task. Photo Mode requires you to get up and take a picture of a predetermined place in order to dismiss the alarm. Shake Mode also requires you to shake your phone to turn the sound off.

Want to make turning off your alarm even more challenging? You can certainly crank up the difficulty. Need to shake it 30 times before it shuts up? Done. Or if you really want to take it to a whole new level, set it to be shaken 1,000 times.

Maybe you need to get your brain juices flowin’ in order to start your morning. You can set Alarmy Pro to give you math problems.

And did you know this app not only has a 4.8 rating, but its forced over 13 million users out of bed?

If you’re interested or know you need that extra “push” to get you going in the morning, download the Alarmy app for free on iOS and Android devices today.


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