Rodio – Giving the Right Information to the Right People in a Timely Fashion

Biz Report

Communication among retail organizations can be challenging, as many retail employees are part-time and do not operate from a traditional desk. Corresponding via corporate email is no longer an effective method to exchange business-critical information.

So, check out Rodio by Phobio.

Rodio gets the right information, to the right employees, at the right time.

The solution mimics your organizational structure, providing leaders with access to the frontlines and the frontlines access to their peers.

Leaders can instantly deliver bulletins to a subset of employees or the entire base.  Rodio’s powerful reporting tools provide instant access to track the engagement rate of the bulletin.

Rodio is well-suited for millennial-minded workforces and features an AI-powered Rodiobot to increase efficiency, assist workforces, answer questions, onboard new employees, and automate tasks.

This is the perfect tool for any sized organization, whether employees are in the same building or spread throughout the country.

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