Smart Engines – Helping Companies and Government Agencies Keep Up

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I think we can all agree that we’re currently a part of a digital revolution.

Each day, we’re seeing more consumers rely on the digitization of their information. But how do companies and government agencies keep up? They simply work with companies like Smart Engines with their optical character recognition and computer vision technologies.

Smart Engines concentrates on speed, quality, and robustness of their algorithm. They achieve extremely high quality and speed on mobile phones and don’t use the normal way for the users like LAN servers.

They do all the computation via mobile phones so the user can anticipate extremely high security from their solutions. In addition, there are no possible leaks about the agent converter.

It’s important for the people who will use the application because there are recent leaks of the personal data- which is a great part of the industry. Smart Engine’s objective is to prevent it.

When it comes to recognizing official documents, Smart Engines runs a bespoke solution program.

Typically, they have this department in a company that specializes in assisting customers to recognize specific documents which are not like passport or driver’s license, or like a car plate, but unique documents upon their request.

Smart Engines wants to reach a specific targeted customer and based on that, they provide documents to recognize which their engineers are physically working on in order to provide what is needed. It’s all tailor-made.

Hieroglyph, for example, is technology by Smart Engines that can be integrated into mobile applications, web, and enterprise systems, allowing you to (in real time) recognize identity documents (ID cards, Passports, etc) of a client to use recognized data in acquiring services and for execution of your internal business tasks.

Essentially, Smart Engines’ purpose is to answer the challenges that organizations nowadays face in term of documents recognition and business processes automation. They offer new opportunities to enhance business performance with the option of extracting data in the video stream of mobile devices and web cameras.

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