Beam Semiconductor – High-Performance Solutions for Outdoor Wireless Communications

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With significant growth in data usage across cellular networks, the telecom industry requires a wireless infrastructure technology to keep up.

Well, Beam Semiconductor is shaping the future of wireless communications. They have developed a proprietary technology that allows for more efficient cellular backhaul and fiber extension or replacements. And at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we had a chance to catch up with them.

Beam Semiconductor is focused on building an incredibly high-performance solution for outdoor wireless communications with the ability to transport gigabits per second of information over the air.

This is a job that would usually be done by fiber, right? You can always dig up the road and lay down a ton of fiber-optic cables. But what Beam has created is something different and most importantly, small.

In the Technology Overview, Beam features:

  • Microhorn phased-array antenna – automatically scans and locks onto the strongest signal by electromagnetically shaping and steering the beam. There are no moving parts
  • Gigabit Throughput – full bi-directional throughout at gigabit data rates
  • Compact size – small antenna size (4 cm x 2.5 cm) is unobtrusive and well-suited for mounting in an urban environment
  • Range target – support for distances up to several hundred meters

By being extremely compact, you can mount on a lamppost, on the side of a building, and enable another similar point to point communications. What’s truly driving the need for 5G is video, whether it’s Netflix, YouTube or Facebook Live.

People opt to use high-definition video from their phones and that is what’s driving the data on the network through the roof. Beam is helping to solve that problem by assisting carriers to have a wireless backbone.

Beam has a wireless backbone that can carry gigabits in seconds of data and serve capacity through video.

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