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Did you know that 90% of all RV’s don’t have any form of electrical protection? Yeah, that’s a lot of RV’s.

And due to this lack of protection, inconsistent power at RV campsites can cause significant damage to your expensive electronic components, with the potential for electric shock. This is why it’s so important to protect yourself and your investment by using Surge Guard electrical protection devices.

Luckily, RV Accessories by Southwire is aware of this and doesn’t want electrical issues to pose a threat to you or your RV. Simply put, don’t be at risk of unreliable power sources, protect what you value most.

Specifically, Southwire’s Surge Guard RV Power Protection offers two of the best RV surge protectors out there and includes a limited lifetime and connected equipment warranty.

The Surge Guard 30A offers you exactly what you need when it comes to protection against faulty park power.

With full portability and LCD display, Surge Guard 30A also offers the following:

  • Continuous monitoring and displays – voltage and amp draw
  • Multi-mode surge suppression
  • Automatic reset on power restoration
  • 10-second countdown startup sequence
  • 128-second reset delay to protect A/C Compressor
  • Convenient Easy-T-Pull plug handles
  • Surge protection status LED indicator

In addition, Surge Guard 30A protects against:

  • Power surges
  • Open ground
  • Open neutral
  • Elevated ground line voltage
  • Overheating receptacle
  • Reverse polarity
  • Miswired pedestal

If you’re eager to learn more about the Surge Guard 30A or any of Southwire’s other products, visit rvpower.southwire.com today.


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