Pal App – Make Friends Around and Meet New People


Move over Facebook, Pal has swooped in as the new social networking platform that connects you, not just to people, but people who are in close proximity to your location.

Whether it’s to make new friends or to expand your already-established circle of friends, Pal App helps you to build a group and to search together.

Pal has bridged the gap between finding activities you love and making friends.

Features that you can expect Pal to include are:

  • Pal Feed- see what others are doing around you and join them
  • Create your activity –  Couldn’t find the right activity? Create your own and let others around you join
  • Search – If you’re bored and your friends are busy, search for people that are close to you! Meet for a drink or go for a hike
  • Go local – Tired of exploring other cities alone or with a guide? Find people who would love to show you around
  • Chat – Chat with new Pals with just you or your group
  • Pals – Manage friend requests and see who has recently sent one your way!

With the objective to connect you to activities and those around you, Pal wants to put you in touch with those who share the same interests as you. Though if you already have a group of friends, add more to the bunch with those who want to partake in your activities!

Interested in getting started? Just simply download the app! Once you’ve done that, create a profile, post an activity and invite others to join. It’s that simple. If you wish to find an activity or someone you’d like to get to know, send a request to join the fun!

But if you’re in the mood to just browse, Pal App lets you do that too! See who’s doing what, when, and where.

Pal also lets you set specific parameters so you can control who gets in contact with you. This helps to filter who you wish to spend time with and those who may spam you. In addition, this filter can let you select gender and age.

So whether you’re the new kid on the block or you just wish to expand your circle of friends, Pal is the app to facilitate those efforts.

So if you’re ready to get out there, download Pal on either your iOS or Android device today in either the App or Google Play  Store.


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