SicChic – Awesome Outfits for Women Warriors

Consumer Update

It’s a growing company and it’s for powerful women. Founded by illustrator and graphic artist, Wendy Jarva, SicChic is determined to dress up women in some pretty sick clothing.

In addition to Wendy being a talented artist, she is also a martial artist.

To give context to the origin of SicChic, during a sparring session with her sister, Wendy had a blow to the chest that led her to discover she had breast cancer. Once she overcame cancer, Wendy fused her passion for art and martial arts and developed SicChic.

This clothing is offered to women/girls who partake in activities such as Jiu-Jitsu, fitness, and yoga.

Their mission is to keep empowering women and young girls. This was, in fact, the driving purpose that led to the sponsorship of Girls ‘in Gi’s – an organization dedicated to building and strengthening the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community for females.

Proudly sponsoring individual athletes as well as professional and amateurs, help is at the heart of this clothing company. And due to Wendy’s own battle with the disease, SicChic has raised over $30,000 for breast cancer alone.

As the SicChic brand develops, you can discover banners and merchandise showcased at events along the East Coast.

To buy from SicChic go to or scan for “SicChic” on Amazon.


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