Angry Birds Champions – WorldWinner. Take Flight to Compete and Win Money


What does it take to become an Angry Birds champion? For those who want to show off their skill, it’s time to show everyone what you’re made of.

Taking flight on WorldWinner, Angry Birds Champions is offering a flock of passionate fans a whole new way to play. For the very first time, players can compete in cash tournaments to win real money – that’s right, actual cash.

What exactly is WorldWinner? It’s a leader in skill-based competitions. For Angry Birds Champions, they’ve partnered with Finnish mobile game developer and publisher Rovio Entertainment.

Angry Birds Champions is based on the original Angry Birds game, with all the familiar physics-based gameplay and strategies that put players’ pig-punishing skills to the test.

Mainly, players have to target accurately, but advanced strategies include triggering birds’ powers at the correct time, knowing the birds’ strengths, and using the right bird for a particular target.

World Winner offers tournaments for different skill levels and all players are matched with opponents of similar skill.

Want to know the actual amount you can win in a tournament? Prize pools range from a few bucks to thousands of dollars. When it comes to entry fees, cash tournaments begin at just 88 cents. You can also practice with free warm-ups.

And check this out, you can withdraw your cash prizes whenever you want. Currently, WorldWinner has prized out more than $350,000 in Angry Birds Champions tournaments.

If you’re looking to start competing today, head to or download the app from the App Store.


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