IRIIS App – Assemble a Caregiving Team with One App


When it comes to caring for a loved one, it requires a lot of attention and efficient task management. With all of the appointments and tasks waiting to be completed, it can get a bit stressful.

Luckily, IRIIS App has found a solution.

Sometimes caregiving can feel like you’re just checking items off or adding items to a huge to-do list. Unfortunately, this list can remain forgotten in your purse, wallet, or written on a wrinkled-up post-it note.

And with all offers for help, it can be difficult to accept when you can’t even think of all the items that need to be completed. IRIIS’ mission is to help you consolidate all those lists into one simple location, which will allow everyone involved to see the full picture of everything that needs to get done.

Being both a mobile and web app that lets you electronically invite other helpers to your shared to-do list, IRIIS is all about simplifying everyone’s life. When you wish to share your list, it can be added to from either your computer or phone so you don’t have to go on a witchhunt finding important notes.

Features that IRIIS offers:

  • Collaborate with others by inviting your caregiving team
  • Coordinate all tasks that require completion and assign those tasks to others. Add appointments and also assign those appointments to others
  • Use the virtual file cabinet to store and collect information you wish to have available for other members that are helping you care for your loved one

An example of how you can attain information is to take an image of the notes you took at an appointment and put it into the file cabinet to share with others. Now, you’ve gone ahead and spared yourself a text to Aunt Susan or a call to the brother to give them updates because IRIIS updates them automatically.

IRIIS is here to help so take advantage of its features! You can download the IRIIS app for free from the App or Google Play Store today.


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