Ziv’s Smoker – Smoke Quality Food, Anywhere

Consumer Update

Summertime will be here before we know it and this next product is a must for all grilled meat fans. It’s convenient, easy, and without all the mess smoking meats brings. Whether it’s at home or anywhere you want, Ziv’s Smoker makes smoked food to fit your taste.

If your mouth is watering already from reading this, then we encourage you to look into Ziv’s Smoker.

This portable smoker lets you smoke quality food without needing extensive knowledge on how to work a large cumbersome contraption.  And did we mention you can take this guy anywhere? Take it to any of the following spots:

  • Camping
  • Jeep travels
  • Beach parties
  • Backyard

This nifty gadget takes all but 3 minutes to assemble and works on any heat source such as a fire, grill, or propane burner.

And don’t worry about flipping your fish or meat as smoke fills the smoker, it’s just surrounding your food and creating that impeccable smell and taste that you’ll love and year for again.

Once you’re done, a simple cleaning is all you need to do in order to prep for using it next time.

Whether you’re going out for a weekend camping trip, an afternoon at the beach or just hosting a barbeque in your cookout in your backyard, you’ll never find yourself without the means to smoke your favorite meats.

You can purchase this affordable smoker on Amazon by searching for “Ziv’s Smoker” today.


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