Tourme – Receive Your Very Own Tour Guide


Hey, travelers! We’re talking to you for this next app.

Ever stop and think that the city you’re visiting has an unlimited supply of “tour guides” with the number of locals walking around?

Well, Tourme has and this is what they decided to make a solution of for tourists.

It’s essentially a worldwide localized travel app that allows tourists to connect with local tour guides to wherever they’re traveling. This app is designed to give tourists a unique and personal experience straight from their phones or online.

Book a local tour guide on either their website or the app, however, the simplest way is on the app. Just download Tourme, create an account and from there, bring up any city that’s available for an instant tour. This is the vehicle-guided tour that will pick you up the moment you request it and take you to your next destination while giving you that tour on the way there.

Tourme also provides a “Find a guide” and Find a tour” option. “Find a guide” means hanging with a local for a day and booking them hourly. It’s considered an unstructured hangout. This is basically a mix of whatever you’re in the mood for or whatever the guide may recommend.

The “Find a tour” option are tours that Tourme’s guides create from scratch and will go to whichever city you’re visiting and pick a tour based on your interests.

In addition, Tourme offers the “Shore Excursion” option which is at every cruise port and allows you to book a tour or shore excursion.

Tourme’s efforts in creating this app are to allow for a more personalized, laid-back way of sightseeing, but lets you still receive the same benefits for a local tour guide. Their guides can find and show the hidden gems of the city that otherwise may go unnoticed.

To book a Tourme guide on your next trip, visit today.


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