Peg and Pog – Adventure Game for Children 3 to 5 Years Old

It’s without a doubt that we can’t escape our mobile devices these days. But if kids are going to spend a lot of time on mobile phones or tablets, we can at least ensure that they’re learning and developing at the same time.

Peg and Pog is a new app that was created by app studio Kenikeni and tailored specifically for children ages 3 to 5.

Its design is to help kids establish an early vocabulary and become familiar with the world around them.

Your toddler will play along with Peg and Pog and their cute cat, Cosmo as they take a trip through space, swim in the ocean, try on new clothes, clean their bedroom, and much more!

This is an opportunity for kids to interact with each scene and setting by dragging and dropping characters, animals, and objects. Think of it as their own digital playground where kids can create the scene however they want, while also learning.

Peg and Pog believes in the magic of play and prides itself on being the catalyst for curiosity that sparks the imagination. With this, it opens a gate to a world without bounds. In addition, they believe in encouraging play and learning beyond just their products. They believe that “screen time” can be “together time” for children and their parents.

With Peg and Pog, you also have a choice of 5 different spoken languages to learn in. In addition, each scene has a slideshow where kids can see objects and learn what they’re called and how they sound.

Peg and Pog is available for iOS devices. You can head over to the App Store and download it today.


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