Teleclutch – Cross-body Bags to Securely Hold The Essentials

Consumer Update

So it’s pretty much a commodity that our phones go with us everywhere, but it can be hard to hold on to your mobile device while on the go. Risks can arise such as the accidents of dropping it in the toilet, losing it in a taxi or worse, having it stolen.

Luckily, Teleclutch by Cecy has created the ideal solution and that is with their cross-body.

Specifically designed to hold your iPhone as well as other essentials, Teleclutch by Cecy isn’t just functional, it’s stylish.

Teleclutch’s objective is to have convenience meet style and that’s exactly what they did. This embossed sturdy leather envelopes the phone which keeps it securely intact.

There are five card slots to hold your credit and debit cards as well as a larger slot for cash. The cross-body also contains an ID slot and a zipper pocket on the back.

Once your phone is snapped into place, the Teleclutch is closed with a secure clasp. Once you hear the “click,” you’re good to go!

Your phone will remain protected even if you drop it in the cross-body. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy hands-free activities such as walking the dog, riding a bike, or running errands.

And if you’re in the mood from switching it to a larger bag, easily transition from a cross-body to folio by simply removing the straps.

The patent-pending Teleclutch is currently available in black but more designs are on the way. If you’re ready to pick yours up today, head over to


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