Turris MOX – Your Personalized Router

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Good internet performance and functionality are largely dependent on a powerful router. Though, even if a functional router is installed, it requires regular software updates to keep it going and to do its job efficiently.

Since most consumers don’t fully understand what their router is, let alone how it operates, they can miss out on some crucial updates, leaving them susceptible to attacks. What’s needed is a router that’s resilient to user negligence.

Enter Turris MOX.

Turris MOX.jpg

Turris MOX is the first modular router that lets you built it based on your exact use and expectations. Whether you’re searching for a pocket-sized router or something with more of a permanent install set-up, there’s a module that’s suitable to your needs.

Depending on the module you settle on, you can receive greater Wi-Fi range and transfer speed, set it up as an LTE modem, turn it into a lightning fast SSD storage interface and more.

As previously mentioned, regular updates – or lack thereof – is the inevitable downfall of any router. Several modern homes rely on IoT devices and other network-connected appliances that are open to attack. Hackers set sights on routers to gain access to sensitive information or control devices.

Turris MOX’s objective is to fight back with regular updates, including reinforced security that doesn’t demand the user’s attention or expertise to kick-start the update. Conversely, most modern routers need the user to manually approve the update before it’ll do anything to protect against threats.

Once a threat is detected, the Turris development team gets to work on a new update that actively neutralizes that threat by shoring up onboard security. This is made possible through the Turris OS which is an open-sourced software based on the OpenWrt project (Linux).

For just as many consumers who may not know enough to manually update a router, they may not know exactly what they’re searching for in terms of an ideal router configuration. Turris’ Indiegogo campaign allows each backer to select from a list of pre-determined configurations as well as choosing their own.

In an ever-changing tech world, modularity seems to be the only way to go. Turris likes to say the MOX is a “future proof device” and boy do we agree.

If you’re looking to contribute to their Indiegogo, you can do so here.



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