ActivePDF – Helping Your Manage High-Volumes of PDFs

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PDFs are a popular format in the world of business. From documents to presentations, it’s no question that everyone’s going digital. But if you’ve ever tried to edit a PDF, you know how much of an inconvenience it can be without having the right tools.

This is why ActivePDF has made it their goal to assist businesses secure, manage, and organize high volumes of PDFs.

ActivePDF offers server-based PDF developer tools that let businesses create, convert, modify, view, and extract data in real-time. ActivePDF’s success remains in its ability to provide PDF automation for the enterprise world with fully-integrated and scalable solutions that eliminate day-to-day headaches with easy-to-implement technologies.

ActivePDF’s line of reliable products, businesses can ensure data is easily accessed, governed and made secure with complete confidence.

Their latest product, Reader Plus, is a full PDF editor and reader tool that can be accessed from any browser, anywhere in the world. Other features of it also include:

  • REST-based Windows Service
  • No desktop licensing or maintenance required
  • Custom buttons to further extend UI capabilities
  • Built-in support for all browsers
  • Pre-populate form fields prior to loading a document
  • Enforce data entry for required fields
  • And more

With Reader Plus, can simply add interactive PDF functionality within any web application, form-fill, add annotations, and much more.

With even higher provided security for documents behind your firewall, Reader Plus also offers additional password protection, restricted permissions, and other security options.

To find out how you can integrate this one-of-a-kind PDF Reader tool into your business, visit and try Reader Plus yourself for no cost.


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