Brainjocks – Making it So Anyone Can Manage a Website

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We learned a lot about Brainjocks when we attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for their new U.S. headquarters in metro Atlanta. In fact, we learned much more about their latest product, SCORE, a Sitecore accelerator, and component-based framework.

Brainjocks has essentially evolved into a more digital marketing company, so instead of just delivering technology and websites, they are now consulting with companies on how to leverage technology to achieve marketing goals.

If you look at it this way, content management on its own is worthless if a non-technical person can’t take a website and manage/edit it.

So with this, Brainjocks wanted to focus on how to give marketers more power and capabilities. With this question in mind, they built a product that lets you quickly put together and deploy websites on a content management system platform known as Sitecore.

This platform will basically allow companies to create a reusable component library and submit it to an enterprise. In addition to this, they’ll build anywhere from 1 to 1,000 websites which empowers the marketers. This effort helps to take over that website and manage it without constantly going back to the engineering team asking for revisions.

Brainjocks has started to develop two additional product lines that are imperative to the company’s future. One of them is referred to as management services and that is a site that will help you create using your favorite content management platform, but Brainjocks will host, monitor, and maintain it if need be. And if you so choose, they’ll do all your content management hands-on work for you too.

The next service by Brainjocks is Digital Strategy.

Several companies have difficulty with the fact of “How do I take advantage of marketing technology?” So Brainjocks’ objective is to, not just show how it’s completed technology-wise, but show them when it’s right to adopt that strategy and how to measure the effect of that strategy.

If you’re interested in learning more about Brainjocks’ SCORE, head over to today.


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