Rock Iconz Collector Series – High-end Collectibles for the Classic Rock Lover

Consumer Update

Nowadays, bands just don’t seem to have the same kind of success and fame as rock legends, Billy Idol and Guns N’Roses had. But if you peep major shows in some of the biggest venues worldwide, it’s easy to see that there’s a devoted following for classic rock.

And if you’re a fan of the genre and want to show your love, check out KnuckleBonz. This company creates officially licensed high-end collectibles.

KnuckleBonz is a small company focused on making high-end collectibles for music fans around the globe. Some of the artist-based figurines have been making music for 40 years. So, with this, they try to decide on if they will make one limited edition of a certain artist of 4 years and ask who and what fans identify with most. These idiosyncrasies can be narrowed down to what hair, costume, and instruments fans what to see the most of.

From there, they do sculpting, mold-making by hand, cast by hand, paint by hand and package by hand.

KnuckleBonz’s goal is to create a live moment in the performance so you can almost relive it yourself – ya know if you were there. Their mission is to not make posed pieces but to make the fan be able to identify that artist, area, or maybe even a certain song.

KnuckleBonz emphasizes that what you’ll receive is a limited edition and hand-cast, handpainted figurine. For something that’s only 8 inches tall, that’s a lot of attention and detail.

Everything comes with a high-end collectible package, custom Styrofoam to keep it safe, and everything is limited edition. Never more than 3,000 are made.

Get your piece of music history today by heading to


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