SkyFlok – Better and More Secure Cloud Storage

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With cloud services, it gives us the liberty to work anywhere in the world by offering a single location for document storage and sharing.  However, it’s difficult to find one cloud service that offers full control of your data location and privacy.

This is where SkyFlok comes in.

SkyFlok is the next generation of Cloud storage and sharing. It’s encrypted and designed to help their clients store files privately worldwide. It also enables you to choose the locations for where you want your files.

Any team, personal or client files can be managed and organized online.

Features of SkyFlok include:

  • Customer’s Data – many companies aren’t protecting their most vital asset: customer’s trust with their DATA
  • Choose Storage Locations – you can tell customers exactly where their data is located
  • Share Files with Customers – sharing is important and it shouldn’t be difficult or risky. Assuage clients’ concerns when holding and sharing their data
  • Enterprise Grade – bringing enterprise-grade storage to small businesses everywhere
  • One World: One Bill – they provide a single bill and simple subscriptions with worldwide service
  • Patents – They have 10 patents and the team has even more on the way. They take technology seriously as it’s their origin and ethos. Their team members are contributors to EU Secure cloud; IEEE and multiple research programs

And if you’re worried about ransomware, SkyFlok is always back up to reduce the risk of becoming infected. Are you potentially worried about a disgruntled team member? SkyFlok lets you set roles and restrictions to any file you choose.

Concerned about client file privacy? SkyFlok will have a Client Space that will let you privately manage your customer’s files.

Furthermore, SkyFlok offers an unparalleled level of security in the cloud industry. Their patented technology spreads your files across various locations. Even if one of those locations happens to go down, clients will still be able to access their private files.

Learn more by heading over to today.


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