ButterOnce – Butter Once and Only Once

Consumer Update

The title does not lie. ButterOnce is serious when it comes to spreading margarine on your that flavorful ear of corn.

It’s probably all the same for the rest of us. We get more butter than we actually need and before we know it, there’s a glob of margarine staring at you in the face. Well, we’re guessing the makers of ButterOnce have experienced this maybe once or twice in their lives and decided to do something about it.

With just a single pat of butter, it’ll melt ever so delicately over your entire ear of corn. No drips, no errors, and no waste of that precious margarine!

The angled edge effectively cuts the ideal sum from a stick of margarine or can be utilized to scoop from a holder. The unique bent stainless-steel edge adjusts accordingly to the bend of the corn, directing the butter to exactly where it needs to go.

So what are you waiting for at your next cookout? Head over to butteronce.com and buy your very own ButterOnce today.


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