Smartclean – Self-Cleaning Case for Glasses, Razors, Jewelry, and More

Consumer Update

For those who even occasionally wear glasses, you can probably all commiserate on the fact that despite wiping your lenses “clean” there is usually a streak still lingering.

But, perhaps we’ve been doing it wrong this entire time. We say this because there’s a new product making its rounds on Indiegogo and it looks like it’s willing to do the job for us, albeit more efficiently.

This new product? Smarclean.


The concept is quite simple. By using ultrasonic technology, little bubbles are created in a container of water where your glasses sit. These bubbles collapse or pop and develop shock waves that shake loose all the dirt and grime. And it doesn’t just rid the dirt on your lenses, it takes care of all the pesky particles taking up space in the nooks and crannies.

You begin the process by filling the small and slick container with water. Tap water will do just fine. You then plug it in and place your glasses inside. Now all you have to do is wait for some impeccable shine.

Switch Smartclean to on and let it go to work. You can even watch the oil separate and float into the water – this oddly may give you a sense of satisfaction. And in just 3 minutes, your glasses will be shiny and good as new. All you have to do is dry them off and you’re good to go.

And though Smartclean was developed with glasses in mind, it also works with jewelry, watches, razors and more. If the item is able to withstand just a few minutes of water and fits in the box, Smartclean should get the job done!

Ultrasonic technology as it applies to cleaning has been ugly and bulky for many years. Smartclean makes it fashionable and handy to fit into any home or office.


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