Twillow Towels – Let Your Towel Stay Put Despite Wind, Getting Up and Sitting Down

Consumer Update

We’re all ready to soak in the summer sun as we make our way to the pool or beach.

Though, what may be one of the bones we could all collectively pick when it comes to laying down on a lounge chair? That dang towel will just not stay!

Luckily, Twillow Towels hears this frustration and has invented a pretty sleek product.

This product is a large towel designed to specifically stay put on your chair or lounge. All you have to do is drape it over like a slipcover to keep it nice and snug. It’s the perfect solution for when you’re out at the beach, pool, or anywhere there’s some water and sun!

Just unfold the soft and comfortable Twillow to cover your beach, pool, or patio chair. The soft cotton and polyester blend offers a comfortable, plush material to lay on or dry off with, which is perfect since each Twillow comes with a matching pillow and pat-dry towel.

Features you can expect with Twillow Towels:

  • Staying put on your chair/chaise even when the wind blows
  • Each Twillow includes a removable pillow for additional comfort
  • Each Twillow includes a separate, pat-dry towel
  • Storage pockets offer a handy place to keep your things whether it’s a tote or chain/chaise cover.
  • Soft Cotton, Polyester Blend
  • Machine Washable

The pockets on the back of the Twillow also provide plenty of stow-away space for your belongings such as sunglasses, sunscreen, mobile device, etc. In the front, you can store your pillow.

When you’re all done for the day, fold up your Twillow Towel and it converts into a handy tote bag. This tote houses pockets on both sides so you can carry everything you would need for a fun day by the water.

To purchase yours today head over to


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