Essential Mints – Pick-Me Up Candies for that “2:30” Feeling

Consumer Update

For most people, they need their morning coffee to get that extra boost. This usually lasts until they need a second round of energy just a few hours later.

If you’re anything like this, then you need some sort of energy booster to give you an extra kickstart.

Well luckily, Essential Mints by VitaThinQ is here to help.

This company created an alternative to 5-hour energy drinks, coffee or caffeine pills. Essential Mints is basically an energy candy made to give you the necessary pick-me-up without all the “unknown” ingredients.

The Essential Mint is all-natural and uses non-GMO ingredients. It’s vegan certified and gluten-free.

Created in the USA with superior ingredients that offer, not just a healthy option to energy drinks, but a fantastic taste accompanied by fresh breath.

The Essential line includes 4 different mints for consumers:

  • Energizing Peppermint
  • Energizing Mocha Mint
  • Bedtime Peppermint with Melatonin and Gaba
  • Fat Burner Peppermint

Consumers can purchase The Fat Burner Peppermint supplement as a perfect replacement for other fat burning pills. While Bedtime Peppermints with Gaba and Melatonin will have you sleep like a rock.

So whether you’re trying to get things done or you’re simply getting a good night’s sleep, Essential Mints has something for you.

To purchase yours today, head on over to


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