Age of Magic – RPG Game Focused on a World Immersive


When it comes to the average avid gamer, they’ll most likely know their RPGs. And they’ll also probably let you know that in order for a game to be a success, the storyline should be fascinating and incredibly immersive.

With this next game we got for you, Age of Magic, it’ll light up your gaming world!

This turn-based RPG fills the void of a mobile market that hasn’t totally embraced this unique style of gaming.

Age of Magic is set in a dying world that’s raptured by creatures spread throughout the endless leftovers of society. The game centers around the adventures of a Mage trekking towards the Dark Tower.

Your mission will be to make your way across the treacherous remnants, collecting heroes and battling merciless monsters. In total, there are 70 heroes.

Heroes travel a world eradicated by a magical cataclysm, seeking the legendary Staff of Elements that grants the bearer total power.

Amidst the battle, few mortals are able to fight the demons and those who accrue enough powers are so-called, “True Mages.” They are in fact, the successors to the ancient might of the dragons.

While newly collected characters possess power and strength, they’ll have enough on their plate. They’ll be inundated with hordes of demons who wish to eliminate the last rays of light, conquer the remaining remnants, and turn them into blocks of lifeless, black rock.

Interested to start the journey? You can download Age of Magic for iOS in the App Store today.



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