The Pocket Shot – Level-Up on Your Slingshot Game

Consumer Update

It’s no doubt about it, slingshots are pretty cool. And though there have been upgrades over the years, slingshots have kept their standard design – the band wrapped around a Y-shaped frame.

Well, that is until now. Enter the Pocket Shot.

This bad boy is the next evolution of the slingshot. Its patented circular design lets the user load and shoot a wide array of projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot.

The Pocket Shot uses 5/16 to 3/8th inch balls, marbles, or small paintballs. Also, notice that it doesn’t contain slingshot bands, but rather uses a latex pouch which is intended for power and a fast reload.

When you drop a ball in, it will automatically seat itself making it ready to aim and fire! No more tangled slingshot bands to get in your way.

The tiny, but powerful design, is available in either orange or black and fits perfectly in your hand.

Its small size makes it perfect for light packing when you head out hunting or when you want to just have some fun.

You can place The Pocket Shot in either your backpack, tackle box or pocket, hence the name.

You have the option to purchase the kit – complete with everything you need – or you can select your individual Pocket Shot and accessories.

So, ready to have some fun? Head over to, Walmart, or Amazon today to purchase your Pocket Shot.


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