Loud Steps – Helping The Visually and Hearing Impaired Navigate Confidently


Smartphones may be easily categorized as a hub for audio and visual content, but these handy devices can be used for even more.

For those who are either hearing and visually impaired, it’s a complication to navigate through venues.

Introducing Loud Steps. This is a convenient directional app that taps into WiFi inside buildings to provide those who are visually and/or hearing impaired with the confidence to successfully make their way through venues.

Its features include:

  • Guidance – built for the partially sighted, blind and hearing impaired, Loud Steps offers step by step directions to points of interest
  • Extended Listings – the app holds detailed information about specific points of interest such as hours of operations.
  • Audio and Visual Support – Loud Steps provides voice-to-text search and voice guidance
  • Space Discovery – App users can receive announcements about their environment by pointing the mobile device in a specific direction

The moment a user fires up the app, they will be notified to any emergency exits or restrooms located in the building.

While walking through the venue, Loud Steps will also announce shops and access points that the user may want to engage with.

The directions are step by step and include checkpoints such as offices, elevators, or even the next corner to turn.

The app is shaped by Loud Steps’ community. All around the world, several non-profit organizations for visually impaired people are supporting the app.

You can download Loud Steps in the App Store today.


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