Wintelligen – The Virtual Assistant You’ve Always Wanted

Biz Report

Usually, small teams or companies don’t manage their travel plans. Instead, they’ll have their employees operate their trip, using Expedia or something similar. This arrangement increases cost by 25%.

Luckily with this next product we have, you’ll have the burden of travel planning taken away from you. Your salvation? Hannah, the travel AI driven bot, from Wintelligen.

This AI-Driven travel management virtual assistant offers optimized itineraries and real-time analytics, leading to cost conservation and time savings.

First users establish their travel policies and preferences. Hannah knows which options work with which policies and preferences you’ve come up with. In addition to that, it offers a curated list of options for the trip.

And talking to your AI-Driven virtual assistant is simple! Open your chosen chat platform like Slack, Skype or whichever your teams use and begin chatting!

Every interaction makes your virtual assistant more intelligent, it will learn from you and your team. It will assist you before, during and after your trip just like a human would.

Wintelligen works for single users and companies; this way, users can save time, money and reduce frustration. Just fill in your information once and let the bot do the rest! And there you are, you get to worry about one thing less.

For more information, head on over to today.


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