Swimline – Get Your Float On

Consumer Update

It seems like spring just got here, but alas, summer is making its way upon us. Well, usually when one thinks of summer, they think of beaches, cruises, pools, and more. And what do you need other than your swimsuit? A huge, attention-grabbing float.

Well, in that case, time to get acquainted with Swimline.

Swimline sells pool inflatables that are made for all ages.

Since 1971, Swimline has been family-owned and on a mission to set trends with their innovative products. At the outset, they were the largest global manufacturer of above-ground pool liners and covers and later made a huge splash (no pun intended) with their high-quality water toys and accessories.

Babies, kids, adults, you name it! Swimline is friendly for all ages and provides a fun way to lounge on the water.

In fact, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris & Kim Kardashian have gotten in on the fun on one of the giant swan floats.

Swimline provides all of the following:

  • Pool toys, games, and inflatables
  • Pool floating lounges & mattresses
  • Pool liners & covers
  • Solstice water sports
  • HyrdroTools pool maintenance

Swimline offers ample fun and innovative designs so if you’re looking for a particular kind, chances are that they have it. From pizzas and flamingoes to rainbows and cookies, Swimline can help you stand out for the best.

And if you’re having a more adult-themed party, Swimline has an ice-cold beer, Bloody Mary, Margarita, and a bottle of rose float to fill the bar.

The quality is what makes their products stand out. And to sweeten the pot, all of Swimline floats come with a one-year warranty.

So get onboard one of Swimline’s epic floats today!


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