Picwell – Helping to Make Finding Health Insurance Simple

Consumer Update

It’s no doubt that the healthcare system is complex and difficult for the average consumer to navigate. So, the moment a person chooses a healthcare plan, there’s a good chance they’re not selecting a plan that’s the best for them.

This is where Picwell comes in.

Created by academics and industry experts, Picwell offers products to help people get the benefits for their needs.

Primarily what’s done is to help people select health insurance plans. In doing so, Picwell collects information about people and use that to match them to the right health insurance benefit.

Picwell’s goal is to help ensure that you’re making a better decision when it comes to picking your plan because let’s face it, it’s a daunting task.

It all goes back to the primary benefit of getting matched to the correct health insurance plan and save money in the process. Picwell also knows that people who use their platform save an average of $1,000.

With Picwell, consumers get matched with the right plans and spending less on them. In addition, this helps with cost growth which is a big driver of cost for employers but is leaving the consumer with more money in their pocket.

Looking at the cost alone isn’t enough and it ignores the reason we get health insurance in the first place. With this, you have to bring in that element of risk and evaluate it properly and that’s where Picwell’s background comes into play.

Picwell’s strength is to think about the trade-off between cost, risk, and knowing how much people really should be paying to buy extra risk protection. And if you avoid that, then you’re really ignoring an imperative part of health insurance. There are other things that people care about as well, such as, “Can I continue seeing my doctor?” and “How much money could I save if I switched doctors?” Those questions are the important questions that Picwell considers vital information to people picking a health insurance plan.

If you’d like to learn more about Picwell, head to Picwell.com today.


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