PrivacyShield – Be in Control of Who/What Tunes into Your Conversations

Consumer Update

Now it’s become more of an “old school” method to secure your home’s privacy with blinds and door locks. But with smart home automation devices only on the rise, especially smart speakers, you may tend to forget that they listen-in on our conversations 24/7 – given that they’re in an acceptable earshot.

Knowing this, it’s essential to find a new and innovative method to protect your information. This is where PrivacyShield comes in.

So, co-founder, Kyle Costello, partnered with an acoustical engineering firm out in Richmond, VA called Acoustical Solutions and did a lot of research and development.

The results of the research and development with Acoustical Solutions? PrivacyShield.

PrivacyShield works with your smart speaker and allows you to choose whether you want the device to listen to your conversations or not. Given there was a lot of testing around the right size and the right fit, the goal was to not have it feel obtrusive to the user.

The technology that’s in PrivacyShield boils down to custom-designed audio frequencies that the device creates and are designed to work with these smart speakers. Whether it’s your Amazon Echo or Google Home, PrivacyShield works with it to make sure it blocks out whoever you don’t want tuning in.

PrivacyShield also provides:

  • Hack-proof capabilities
  • Visual privacy confirmation
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Custom-engineered sound blocking

If you’d like to protect your privacy in the new digital world, head to today.


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