SmokeD – Detecting Smoke and Flames by Analyzing Images

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It’s a fair assessment to make that owning a smoke detector is an essential part of being a renter or homeowner. However, it’s usually having to do with smoke that’s detected inside the home. But what do you do if fire, say from a brushfire, is closing in on your home or business? How will you know before it’s too late?

We’re sure that’s a risk you’re not willing to take. Which is where SmokeD comes in.

This is an AI-powered computer enclosed with a camera so it can detect any fires.

Once you’ve installed your SmokeD smart fire camera on the outside of your property, it’ll immediately start detection.

The moment it detects any smoke, even from a far-off distance, you’ll receive a notification via text, email or the SmokeD app. What you’ll see is a pinpoint of the smoke on a map so you know exactly where it is in relation to your current location.

SmokeD’s software with artificial intelligence detects smoke or flames in pictures received from digital cameras and used for fire prevention monitoring of large areas.

Here are the benefits you can expect with SmokeD:

  • Lower costs of fire monitoring
  • Increase in the effectiveness of lookout – one employee can handle 10 cameras
  • No need to employ additional observers
  • Unmanned operation option

While increasing the effectiveness of fire detection and the chance of early extinguishing, SmokeD offers simple management of firefighting actions. The moment that a fire is detected, you’ll get an automatic notification of the fire department and forest service of the location of the fire.

SmokeD offers 24/7 fire protection and peace of mind with a simple install. It offers incredibly fast detection and lowers the cost of monitoring remote areas.

To purchase this life-saving camera today, head over to


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