Card2Phone App – What a Magical App


Magic will never lose its luster no matter how old we get. The tricks seem to get us every time and never cease to be amusing.

Whether it’s card tricks, coin tricks, disappearing tigers, ladies sawed in half, witnessing these events can lead to jaw-dropping reactions. There are just so many people who can’t get enough of it and if there are any magicians out there, this one’s for you.

What if you could do a magic trick that had you select a card that appeared right inside your phone and you were able to shake it around to then visually pull it out into reality. That’s what Card2Phone makes possible.

Card2Phone is a simple app that allows you to create the illusion of a playing card appearing inside your phone. From there, and with a little bit of magic – or sleight of hand – you can pull it straight out into the real world!

Not only does Card2Phone support cards, but it also features other objects and currencies such as dollar bills, coins, lighters, poker chips and so on.

Card2Phone will get you those mouth-agape reactions and speechless spectators. Once you take your time to familiarize yourself with the app, you’ll be showing off your magic skills in no time.

There are 64 currencies, over 70 card back designs and more than 90 everyday objects. And though it was designed by magicians for magicians, it doesn’t mean that’s its only use.

And did you know the app has been used to propose? A creative user had a silver ring show up on the phone while down on his knees. So, if you need to one-up your friend’s proposal, we say this method will have him beat.

With more than 150 objects such as card faces, card backs, coins, bills and more, Card2Phone will help break the ice and provide limitless possibilities.

So what are you waiting for? Let your imagination run free! Add Card2Phone to your bag of tricks today!


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