Otixo – A Communications Hub for Your Whole Organization

Biz Report

With the advent of cloud services, working with a team, no matter where they are has become seamless. There are plenty of collaboration tools out there, but not all of them are created equal.

Coming into the picture is Otixo. This hub was designed from the ground up for groups who create a ton of content and rely on several cloud-based tools to get their jobs done.

What makes Otixo different is that it’s not trying to replace tools that you’re using, but makes them more manageable across teams.

For example, if you use Dropbox, G Suite, Evernote, Desk, etc. you can keep on using them! Otixo works as a communication and notification hub for your entire organization. And if we’re being honest, Workspace chat is where the real work happens.

You can use this securely to communicate with your team as well as external customers. Here you can also integrate dozens of services into your Work Space to receive notifications whenever something is added or changed.

Otixo also includes a unique multi-cloud file manager that allows you to organize files between different services, securely share files/folders and search across all your clouds in one simple step.

Basically, if your business lives in the cloud, Otixo is an absolute life-saver.

For more information on this easy-to-use tool, head over to Otixo.com today.


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