UrboLabs – Receive Promotions from the Businesses You Care About


The trend seems to be that no matter where we go, there’s a new store with a rewards system in place. You know the drill, you wait in line to pay for your items, get to the cashier and they ask you for your email address. But before you know it, you’ve multiplied this instance over the course of several months and your inbox is now inundated with emails full of specials and discounts.

Well, a company called UrboLabs just released its mobile platform called Urbo that offers an effective solution. Urbo gives control BACK to its user by allowing them to reconstruct their real-world virtually in the app. Users retain total control over which businesses they would like to receive promotions from.

You begin by searching for your favorite businesses, from your grocery store to your doctor’s office, and then add them to your very own map. The businesses work hand in hand with Urbo, so you receive the deals, promotions, and event information. Urbo controls the timing and content of what’s on the app.

Instead of shuffling through junk mail, you can simply access deals and other relevant information such as phone numbers and directions to your favorite businesses all in one central hub.

Not only are you purging the dead weight of shops you don’t care for, you’re saving money by having clear visibility into what’s what.

To top this off, there’s a rewards program for performing daily tasks such as checking in and sharing deals redeemable immediately for fun prizes and real monetary rewards.

Start consolidating your life today by downloading Urbo for free on the App or Google Play store.


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