FixIts – Moldable, Eco-Plastic Fixer-Upper

Consumer Update

There’s an all-new, all-purpose tool that’s making waves on Kickstarter and it’s called FixIts. FixIts is a moldable, eco-plastic that has nearly endless application possibilities from filling holes to covering wires to creating arts and doohickeys.


FixIts was created by Chris Lefteri, author of nine books on materials and design. Basically, FixIts is the next big thing in emergency fixing. The renowned author and materials designer discovered the unique moldable plastic after writing his second book on plastics about 13 years ago.

Lefteri found that plastic could be transitioned into a malleable form whenever heated up and once cooled, would harden. He kept the secret to himself for a bit, using the DIY godsend around the house to solve various issues. But its wide application for the mass-market and ultimate popularity for consumers couldn’t be just a well-kept secret.

Being extremely simple to use, all you need to do to use FixIts is boil some water and drop it in to soften it for application. Once softened, you can hand-mold it into whatever you need. For instance, the Kickstarter video shows it being used to cover a frayed wire on an iPhone charger. And in the moment you may forget the simple “heat, dunk, remove, mold” process, the instructions are written on every stick.

In addition, FixIts is reusable. After its served its purpose, all you have to do is heat it up again to soften and remold! Currently, the product comes in orange, black and white. Colors can be blended together when they’re soft to give it a more aesthetic look. And, don’t use the entire stick! Break off the piece you need and save the rest for another time!

Essentially, it’s about time someone created an all-purpose emergency fix.

Check out their Kickstarter to back the campaign and get your own FixIts stick.


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