Avatar Partners – Augmented Reality for Real World Purposes

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A major trend you shouldn’t be in the dark about is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. However, we aren’t referring to gaming, we’re talking about real-world, life-changing implications.

From military maintenance and mission planning to aerospace, manufacturing, and construction, AR and VR will hugely impact our future selves. One company that’s particularly highlighting this breaking tech is AVATAR Partners.

As humans, we constantly look at what will provide the biggest return on investment, the greatest efficiency, effectiveness, and safety for the user, and the best benefit for the companies for the companies that they work for and that they serve.

Avatar Partners can offer the following for its users:

  • Augmented Reality/virtual reality
  • Training Systems & Job Aids
  • Program Support
  • Additive Manufacturing

An instance of how augmented reality can assist is how operators are working in the oil and gas industry. Obviously, safety is a major concern – augmented reality can be used in the real world to help them, provide them with the right knowledge at the right time at the point of need, and without having to leave the physical environment.

The people around them can also see collaboratively the augmented reality experience. What it does is give them warning signals. It gives them information that they need to do this efficiently, effectively and more than anything, safely.

Avatar Partners found great benefits from their augmented reality solutions. For example, they found a reduction of time to train by 97% and a reduction time to complete a task by up to 90%. In addition, reduction of maintenance errors went down to 0, which incredibly impacts costs and quality for their customers.

Let’s just say that that is a total game changer.

For more information on this future changing technology, head on over to AvatarPartners.com today.



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